April 27, 2020

Now you can complete your volunteer hours from home or from anywhere.

We connect the needs of communities and small producers in Latin America with your academic and professional skills.

It is the best way to make an impact!


Applied Volunteering

  • Flexible schedules. Start anytime you want!
  • You will solve real problems faced by the communities.
  • Complete your volunteer hours according to the complexity of the project.
  • Send your progress by email and at the end you will present a volunteer report.
  • You will have permanent virtual contact with your assigned tutor.
  • You will receive a participation certificate.


  • Activities related to your academic and professional background.
  • Improving communities’ productive activities
  • Training in the use of technological tools.
  • Design of communication and marketing strategies.
  • Improving the quality of life through infrastructure, health and education projects.
  • Do you have questions? Contact us!


Enrollment fee is 50 USD regardless of the duration of the project.

This contribution is a donation from volunteers and serves to fund the organization’s activities and to feed the seed capital fund for new projects.

It includes:

  • Online volunteering position.
  • Permanent contact with your assigned tutor.
  • Certificate issued by UEX Ecuador (non-profit educational organization).

You can make the donation directly with PayPal.

Important: volunteers from partner institutions (universities) are not expected to cover the registration fee.