April 26, 2020

Traditional volunteer programs focus on supporting people’s daily needs. Volunteers, no matter their academic background, usually perform operational work while spending time with communities. This could be seen as a gift of time and resources, similar to a donation or a charity system.

Nevertheless, traditional aid has not represented a real solution for communities’s problems. Donations and charities are only temporary benefits. We strongly believe the best way to improve their quality of life is to provide them with the necessary tools to carry out their own ideas. Thus, we propose applied volunteer as a way to aid with a higher social impact.


Our volunteer program allows you to apply your knowledge, while you gain a valuable experience of cultural exchange. Working hours will be focused on improving the productive activities of local communities. You will be totally exposed to real problems related to your field and you will propose practical solutions.

The program requires an admission process in order to analyze your profile and expectations. We will ask you to provide information about your academic background and experience. Apply now!