Fair Trade in Latin America

By Olivia Norris The notion of Fair Trade refers to international trade in which fair prices are paid to producers in developing countries whom have historically been economically exploited. UEX Group supports this international movement in Latin America by actively working with communities producing goods and growing food. Fair trade intends to combat income disparities[…]

Ecuadorian folklore

Written by: Olivia Norris Photos by: Jorge Maldonado (2017) The Andean highlands of Ecuador are a marvel for anyone to encounter, with a list of over twenty named (there are numerous unnamed others) extinct and active volcanoes, central Ecuador boasts some pretty impressive views and some even more impressive heights. On a clear day in Quito[…]

Fair Trade

Use your academic skills and professional experience to support communities’ fair trade practices. This unique opportunity involves the creation of channels for knowledge transfer in order to make a positive change in hundreds of lives. We offer you the chance to do an internship or to volunteer with a higher social impact than traditional programs.[…]