Wine production

The province of Mendoza (Argentina) is worldwide known for its wine production.

There are large companies that compete to position their products, both in the domestic market and abroad. This normal interaction has displaced small producers, limiting their profits in the industry.

The project seeks to strengthen fair trade principles and improve the quality of life for communities.

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Location: Mendoza (Argentina)


  • To strengthen the principles of fair trade in wine production.
  • To promote the work of small producers.


  • Small producers normally sell their products to large companies, at a low price.
  • These incomes allow them to subsist but they are not enough to improve their quality of life.


Mode: Online

  • Design of a strategic plan.
  • Proposals for the improvement of cultivation processes.
  • Preparation of a short and long-term financial plan.
  • Creation or redesign of corporate image for digital media.
  • Development of network to expand the market.


Enrollment fee is 50 USD regardless of the duration of the project.

This contribution is a donation from volunteers and serves to fund the organization’s activities and to feed the seed capital fund for new projects.

It includes:

  • Online volunteering position.
  • Permanent contact with your assigned tutor.
  • Certificate issued by UEX Ecuador (non-profit educational organization).

You can make the donation directly with PayPal.

Important: volunteers from partner institutions (universities) are not expected to cover the registration fee