Culinary tourism

The project seeks to promote Andean culture and gastronomy, through a fully experiential touristic journey.

It is a unique entrepreneurship that offers the opportunity to learn about the values ​​and customs of indigenous communities, as well as their efforts to maintain and strengthen their identity.

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Location: Imbabura (Ecuador)


  • To promote the Andean culture and gastronomy through a experiential journey.
  • To highlight the values of the indigenous communities.


  • Mobility restrictions have limited the arrival of foreign visitors.
  • The aim is to expand the offer of services towards local tourism.


Mode: Online

  • Design of communication and digital marketing strategies.
  • Improvement of gastronomic tourism services.
  • Elaboration of a short and long term strategic plan.
  • Redesign of corporate image for digital media.
  • Generation of international links for the promotion of the project.
  • Financial analysis for decision making.


Enrollment fee is 50 USD regardless of the duration of the project.

This contribution is a donation from volunteers and serves to fund the organization’s activities and to feed the seed capital fund for new projects.

It includes:

  • Online volunteering position.
  • Permanent contact with your assigned tutor.
  • Certificate issued by UEX Ecuador (non-profit educational organization).

You can make the donation directly with PayPal.

Important: volunteers from partner institutions (universities) are not expected to cover the registration fee.