Share your knowledge with local communities


Tu educación integral en un contexto de intercambio cultural.

Transferencia de conocimiento

Canales para la transferencia de conocimiento hacia actividades productivas.

Intercambio cultural

Una valiosa experiencia de intercambio cultural con las comunidades locales.

Formación Profesional

Horas semanales de formación profesional en áreas específicas.

Voluntariado Aplicado

Oportunidades de voluntariado con un alto impacto social.

Sobre nosotros

Algunas razones para participar en nuestros programas
Tu formación profesional en un contexto de intercambio cultural.

We are a team of young professionals who during our time in college got involved in activities of student representation, driving academic, cultural, and environmental projects. This experience allowed us to develop abilities of teamwork, leadership and entrepreneurship. UEX Group is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 with the main purpose of boosting training workshops addressed to artisans and small producers. We seek the furtherance of the disadvantaged sectors in Latin America by supporting their productive activities. Our programs focus rather on college students who would like to acquire a valuable life experience to complement their comprehensive educational training. They are also suitable for young professionals who need to qualify for a specific career requirement. We give them all of the facilities for a nice and enriching time in the places we work.

  • Socially engaged

    Support for communities' productive activities.

  • Totalmente vivencial

    Una valiosa experiencia de intercambio cultural.

  • Servicios de calidad

    Proyectos acordes a tu perfil académico.

  • Financiamiento parcial

    Financial resources obtained from private and public sectors.


Un equipo de jóvenes profesionales
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Fernando Naranjo

Master Degree in Applied Economics (France, 2014). Bachelor Degree in Financial Administration (Ecuador, 2011).
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Paola Calderón

Project Manager
Bachelor Degree in Clinical Psychology (Ecuador, 2015).
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Jorge Luna

Coordinator (Canada)
Master Degree in Business Administration (Canada, 2014). Bachelor Degree in Financial Administration (Ecuador, 2012).
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Guénaelle Charmont

Director UEX Europe
Master Degree in Public Law (France, 2016) Master Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences (France, 2010). Bachelor Degree in Public Law (France, 2008).
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Marine Rateau-Touzin

Coordinator (France)
Master en Commerce International (France, 2016).
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Olivia Norris

Coordinator (Australia)
Bachelor of Arts, Major in Anthropology and Social Theory (Australia, 2014).


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