December 12, 2018

This program will allow you to contribute to the conservation of some of the most splendid ecosystems on the planet: the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon. Most of the work consists in the reforestation of endemic plants that have been displaced by invasive species. Likewise, you will be able to provide support in the different projects carried out by the community, such as the installation of water pipes, the restoration of habitats and the maintenance of educational centers. It is an excellent opportunity to live fully your experience of cultural exchange, practicing your Spanish permanently.


The Galapagos Islands were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978. Volunteers work on the farm located on the Island of San Cristobal, east of the archipelago; With an extension of 7 hectares, it still has a native vegetation that is not common in other parts of the area, as a result of agricultural practices. Some of the species that inhabit the island are: frigates, sea lions, turtles, red footed boobies, blue footed boobies, iguanas, dolphins and seagulls.

The Ecuadorian Amazon is one of the most bio-diverse places in the world. Its wealth of birds, amphibians, mammals and plants, have become an important tourist attraction and scientific research center. Volunteer activities are mainly carried out in the provinces of Napo, Orellana and Pastaza, and include the construction of trails for ecological tourism, the care of native species of plants and animals, and the organization of educational workshops aimed at members of the communities.

Volunteer activities:

  • Control of invasive vegetation and restoration of endemic plants.
  • Support in the different projects of the community (installation of water pipes, maintenance of educational centers, etc.).
  • Reforestation of crops that serve as food for animals.
  • Restoration of habitats and assistance in the area of ​​organic agriculture.


Working hours are from Monday to Friday, 6 hours per day, distributed according to the organization’s and the volunteer’s needs


The participant will receive a certificate for the volunteer hours performed. This document will be signed by the legal representative of UEX Ecuador.


No visa required for volunteers who remain in Ecuador for less than 90 days. However, if the participant wishes to extend their stay, he/she must follow the legal procedure in order to obtain a valid visa (work or volunteer).

Health insurance:

Health insurance is a prerequisite for the participation of volunteers, so he/she must submit a copy thereof, for the estimated length of stay, upon his arrival to Ecuador.

Program fee includes:

  • Accommodation (host family).
  • Food (3 meals per day).
  • Certificate of volunteering.
  • Airport transfer.

It does not include:

  • Health insurance.
  • Flight tickets.
  • Complementary activities.

Cost of the program:

Application fee – $ 40 (This amount is paid only once, at the time of application) regardless the duration of the program.

In addition, volunteers must pay the program fee according to the duration of the program. This fee represents a contribution to the community and is used to cover the organization’s administrative costs as well. To learn more about it, please contact us.

* Important:

  • Minimum volunteer duration: 1 week.
  • Required intermediate level of Spanish.

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