Volunteering in Ecuador

Ecuador is the best place to start your journey in South America. This small country has everything you need for an adventure trip: mountains, rain forest, ocean and the unique Galapagos Islands. All those regions are close enough to each other, so you won’t have to travel more than a couple hours to get there.

There is a lot to do here. As a developing country, there are many areas where volunteers can make an impact by sharing their knowledge, energy and good vibes. The main ones are community service, conservation and education. Projects are deployed all over the place with a variety of destinations available.

Community service projects consist of helping people from vulnerable sectors to reach a better quality of life by improving the effectiveness of their daily activities such as agriculture, tourism and handicraft production. You can also spend some time helping children doing their homework or taking care of people with special needs.

Due to its biodiversity, Ecuador must face many threatens for natural forests and ecosystems as well. The growing population in urban areas has displaced some of the species and put into danger their lives. There are several conservation centers designed to rescue the wildlife. These centers are always looking for donations and volunteers to help organizing the work.

One of the keys to change the world is education. You can put your knowledge into practice by joining workshops designed for the communities where they learn financial education, computer science or any other topic to improve their productive activities. You can also teach English to children in public schools.

Volunteers can get involved in the projects from one to twelve weeks. During this time, they will learn about communities’ culture and identity values while contributing to improve their quality of life. In addition, they can practice their Spanish, taste the delicious typical dishes and enjoy the magical views and landscapes Ecuador has to offer.

All UEX volunteer programs include accommodation with a host family and meals for a convenient price. Apply now!