December 21, 2017

Noémie Figeac (Toulouse, France)


Merci de m’avoir donné la merveilleuse opportunité d’effectuer le programme Time To Teach en Equateur! Cette expérience m’a énormément apporté. Vous êtes une organisation très compétente.

October, 2017

Dimitrios Karatassios (Emsdetten, Germany)


“Thanks to UEX Group which recruited me for the Time to Teach program in Ecuador I have had a very good time in this country and have made very valuable experiences as an English teacher in a public school.
UEX is really there for its volunteers and always voices their concerns towards partner organizations. An immensely big GRACIAS and hug go to the Director and my friend, Fernando, who has been a truly reliable and supportive person during this whole process.”
September, 2017

Malvika Vats (New Delhi, India)


“My journey to Ecuador was successful. Being part of the program and teaching in Ecuador is enjoyable. I would like to highlight the relentless efforts made by UEX Team in helping me through the process. They never shied away from providing assistance in whichever way they could. They worked closely with me both before and after I left my country. UEX is very professional and totally reliable. This wouldn’t have been possible without them.”
 July, 2017
Olivia Norris (Tasmania, Australia)


“The Time to Teach program has, so far, been an interesting experience for me. Posted to a school in Puembo (just outside of Quito), I have enjoyed the opportunity of teaching English to some young Ecuadorians. I have endeavored to encourage an interest in the language and open students lives to the importance of learning about another culture. I have also made great friends with my colleagues. The role does not come without challenges, days can be spontaneous and off schedule and indeed it can be a difficult  to control 35 students in one class! Despite this, any volunteer with a flexible and positive attitude will be enriched by such this unique and authentic experience.”

January, 2017

Claudia Fuérez (Otavalo, Ecuador)


“Muchas gracias por el apoyo incondicional brindado hacia las comunidades indígenas del cantón Otavalo, por la disposición de tiempo para escuchar nuestras propuestas y las iniciativas de capacitación diseñadas. Estamos trabajando con la organización de los talleres en los diferentes temas para impulsar las actividades productivas y mejorar la calidad de vida de la población.”

August, 2016

Brenda Muraglia (Bari, Italy)


“Da fine gennaio a fine febbraio 2015 ho vissuto la mia fantastica esperienza in Ecuador. La calorosa accoglienza della famiglia al mio arrivo è stata soltanto il preludio di un affetto incredibilmente sincero instauratosi giorno per giorno. Non pensavo potessi mai sentirmi serena come a casa mia. Tutto questo grazie alle splendide persone che mi hanno circondata facendo si che mi sentissi a casa. I giorni sono volati tra le lezioni di spagnolo, grazie alle quali ho acquisito piena padronanza della lingua in un mese, le nuove amicizie con le quali mi pregiavo di confrontarmi e arricchirmi, ma soprattutto le indescrivibili escursioni che mi hanno regalato delle emozioni che non avrei mai potuto neanche immaginare. I colori di questa terra, i sapori del cibo variegato e genuino, la natura con le sue meraviglie uniche, la gente calorosa, umile e serena hanno fatto si che lasciassi lì una parte del mio cuore!”

March, 2015

Joanna Pera (Krakow, Poland)


“I was traveling through South America with my sister for two months. We have visited five countries including Ecuador, which was very special for us. It’s very diverse place with mountains, jungle, ocean and great cities. You can never be bored there and whatever you like, for sure you can find it in Ecuador. We were very lucky to spend two weeks with UEX Team. We were traveling together, discovering amazing cities and surprising nature. They showed us the best places and shared their knowledge about Ecuador. We had the chance to stay in one of UEX Team member’s house, where we felt like at our own home. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly for us, so we had the impression that we are part of family. Unforgettable moment for me is Christmas time, when we all together celebrated and enjoyed the magical atmosphere. Ecuador is terrific, but what makes this place so special and better than other beautiful places, is definitely the people.”

December, 2014