October 31, 2018

Use your knowledge and professional experience to strengthen fair trade practices. UEX offers you the opportunity to train and complete your internship in a US company while contributing to the development of Latin America. Our “Yuyari Village” program seeks to create channels for the transfer of knowledge between universities, companies and society.

Working hours will focus on improving the productive activities of local communities; the participants will propose improvements or solutions for their daily work, and will work to promote development projects derived from fair trade.

The program is the result of an alliance between Corporación UEX Ecuador, a non-profit organization recognized by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador, and Yuyari Village LLC, a fair trade promoter, with legal basis in the state of Delaware (United States).


  • Participants will be exposed to situations and real cases that arise daily in the communities of Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, where Yuyari Village LLC carries out its activities.
  • The activities to be carried out will be closely related to the careers of the participants, which represents an extension of their academic training.
  • All work is done online; that is, the participants will not have to travel to the communities. It will be enough to comply with the activities and deadlines described in the schedule.
  • Each activity has an estimated working time, from which the calculation is made to record the hours of professional practices (360 hours in total). When presenting the advances, the participant will complete the required hours.
  • Participants will carry out their internships at Yuyari Village LLC; therefore, they will be governed by the laws of the State of Delaware, United States.
  • The practices are not remunerated, because they focus on strengthening the professional profile of the participants and developing their skills for solving real problems in their area of ​​study.
  • The participants will receive permanent advice from their tutor, who is part of the UEX Professional Network and their feedback will be part of the educational component of the program: the training.
  • At the end of the program, participants must submit a report of professional practices, which will serve as a basis for future studies.

Places and working areas:

Most of the projects are focused on boosting the productive activities of the communities in:

  • Ecuador (production of flowers, cocoa, tagua, and textiles).
  • Colombia (coffee production).
  • Peru (textile manufacturing).
  • Bolivia (textile manufacturing).
  • Argentina (wine production).

Related projects:

In addition to promoting the productive activities of the communities, participants will be able to contribute with:

  • Improvement of infrastructure and access to services in the communities.
  • Development of educational programs for children and adolescents.
  • Strengthening the learning process of English language for the members of the community.
  • Empowerment of women through training in entrepreneurship and administration.
  • Training in the use of basic computer programs, as well as in the use of information technologies.

Related careers:

  • Business Administration
  • International Business
  • Organizational psychology
  • Social communication
  • Systems engineering
  • Graphic design
  • Fashion design
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Straight
  • Industrial engineer
  • Social work
  • Telecommunications engineering
  • Education Sciences
  • Other (please check availability of positions with a representative of UEX Ecuador)


  • The program is aimed at university students or young graduates who wish to strengthen their professional profile.
  • Participants must present their application and go through a selection process prior to the start of the program.

Registration fee: USD 150 (plus 12% VAT).

  • The value of the registration is canceled only once, before the start of the program.
  • The value of the registration is not reimbursable, since it is used to cover the administrative costs of the program.

Duration: 3 months, with a total of 360 hours.

  • The dates are flexible. The participant may start their professional practices, according to their time availability.

Mode: Online.

  • Participants can work from anywhere, complying with the work schedule established at the beginning of their professional practices.
  • They will be in permanent contact with their assigned tutor (Academician of the UEX Professional Network)
  • The documents are sent only via the Internet.


  • Activities related to the academic profile of the participant.
  • Permanent consultancy by the UEX Professional Network.
  • Time flexibility.
  • Evaluation by results.
  • Work at a distance, from anywhere in the world.
  • Certificate of professional practice issued by Yuyari Village LLC (United States).
  • Training certificate issued by the UEX Corporation Ecuador (Ecuador).


  • Maintain permanent contact, electronically, with the assigned tutor.
  • The participant must complete a total of 360 hours, sending the progress of the activities on the dates established in the schedule.
  • At the end of the program, the participant must submit a report of professional practices, after reviewing their tutor.

Required documents:

  • Updated resume.
  • Scan of the card or passport.
  • Scan of the most recent academic title.
  • Academic transcript.
  • Motivation letter.