December 20, 2017

We strongly believe in knowledge transfer as a way of reaching progress. All human beings should be able to forge their own destiny as long as they count with the appropriate means. Historically, Ecuadorian local communities have been excluded from development process, not being able to benefit from good quality education.

In order to subsist, they perform different economic activities, such as agriculture, dairy production, handicrafts, among others. We identify training needs by analyzing each project separately. Our goal is to create channels for knowledge exchange between communities and students/professionals.


Our internship program allows you to apply and enforce your knowledge, while you gain a valuable experience of cultural exchange. Working hours will be focused on improving the productive activities of local communities. You will spend part of your trip understanding their lifestyle and afterwards, you will start giving them advice.

Internships are also the best way to improve your language skills on the field you will work as a professional. You will be totally exposed to real problems related to your field. In addition, our program includes weekly hours of professional training according to your profile. Experts will be enforcing your academic knowledge highlighting the Ecuadorian cultural environment.

This program requires an admission process, in order to analyze your profile and your expectations. We will ask you to provide information about your academic background and experience. Internships may take place in different parts of the country and may last from three months to one year. Pay conditions will depend totally on the Ecuadorian law and will be communicated to you opportunely.

We invite you to send your application at least three months before traveling. Apply now!